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Martin F. Garcia of Wauconda, IL Acknowledges the USSSA’s Growing Incentive for Sports Teams

Martin F. Garcia As a longtime volunteer of the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA), Martin F. Garcia of Waucondahas witnessed the organization’s continued growth and expansion. With major improvements across the board, the USSSA now offers more incentives than ever for new and current sports teams. For years, Martin F. Garcia of Wauconda, IL has […]

Martin F Garcia

USSSA Volunteer Martin Garcia Encourages Sports Teams to Support Local Charities

Martin Garcia of Wauconda, IL is a regular volunteer coach with the USSSA, which instills lasting positive values in youth across America. Apart from teaching them to be better athletes and individuals, coaches like Martin Garcia encourage youth to get involved in their local communities and support charities and outreach organizations where they can. Before Martin Garcia […]

Martin F. Garcia - USSSA’s New Florida Headquarters

Martin F. Garcia Explains How the USSSA’s New Florida Headquarters are a Massive Improvement for the Association

Martin F. Garcia has demonstrated positive leadership for years as a volunteer baseball coach for the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA). Since the relocation of the USSSA headquarters to Florida in 2017, the organization has been able to expand its offerings and create a larger, central location for major tournaments.   The USSSA had […]

Martin F. Garcia - USSSA Recruits Qualified Volunteers

The USSSA Recruits Qualified Volunteers like Martin F. Garcia to Head Their Sports Programs

The United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) has helped youth across the country get involved in competitive sports for decades where they grow as athletes and individuals. To ensure they spread positive values, the USSSA seeks out help from qualified volunteers like Martin F. Garcia who have demonstrated their own sports capabilities.   The USSSA […]

Martin F. Garcia - Feed My Starving Children Charity

USSSA Coach Marty Garcia of Wauconda, IL Supports the Feed My Starving Children Charity

Marty Garcia of Wauconda, IL is a volunteer coach with the USSSA who supports local charities and organizations in various capacities. He and his baseball team, the Lake County Lightning, volunteer with the Feed My Starving Children charity regularly and encourage others to assist them in giving back to their local communities. The Feed My […]

Marty Garcia Wauconda

Marty Garcia of Wauconda and Other Volunteers Urge Communities to Sign Up for USSSA Involvement

The USSSA is a nonprofit organization that volunteer qualified leaders like Marty Garcia of Wauconda to coach teams and mentor youth in their neighborhoods. Signing up for USSSA involvement is easy and inexpensive, and volunteers like Marty Garcia encourage communities across the country to get involved so they can benefit from the program’s uplifting atmosphere. The United […]

Martin F Garcia

Marty Garcia of Wauconda Encourages USSSA Involvement to Improve Youth Depression

USSSA volunteer coach Marty Garcia of Wauconda believes that youth depression, which is a growing international concern, can be curbed through healthy sports involvement. He encourages adults to volunteer and get youth involved in programs like the USSSA as a healthy outlet that instills lasting positive values. According to a recent study, there are over two million […]

Martin F Garcia

USSSA Sports Programs Run Off Volunteer Support with Help from Qualified Professionals Like Martin F. Garcia

The United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) has helped youth improve their athletic ability and strengthen communities since the program first began in the 1960s. Dedicated volunteers like Martin F. Garcia serve as coaches, mentors, supporters and more and create a wholesome, supportive environment for youth. Martin F. Garcia has taken on the role of sports manager in […]

Martin F. Garcia - Helping Young Athletes

Martin F. Garcia of Wauconda Encourages Giving Back After the Holidays through Volunteer Sports Programs

Many communities see an increase in charitable efforts during the holidays from volunteers who help spread the cheer. However, volunteer coach Martin F. Garcia of Wauconda urges adults to give back to their communities after the holidays have ended through regular team sports involvement.   Many society members see the holidays as an opportunity to […]

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Martin F. Garcia of Wauconda Carries on His Sports Legacy Through USSSA Involvement

The United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) challenges youth to become better athletes and improves character through their national programs. Volunteer coaches like Martin F. Garcia use the knowledge and skill of their own sports legacies to improve youth performance and instill good sportsmanship among their teams. Before Martin F. Garcia of Wauconda signed on to be a volunteer […]