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USSSA Enlists the Help of Qualified Athletes like Martin F. Garcia to Be Program Leaders

USSSA Enlists the Help of Qualified Athletes like Martin F. Garcia to Be Program Leaders


Martin F. Garcia - Helping Young Athletes
Martin F. Garcia – Helping Young Athletes

The USSSA provides support and programs for young athletes to showcase their talents and become positive members in their communities. By teaching them mutual respect and to trust in the adults in their programs, kids and teens learn the fundamental traits of outstanding community members while building athletic expertise. The program also helps connect youth with potential sponsors as annual sports events draw in tens of thousands of spectators.


Kids and teens across the country have participated in USSSA sports events in programs like baseball and softball since the program began back in 1968. The USSSA has undergone a few major changes in recent years to grow their reach and become more inclusive, the most notable in being the relocation of their headquarters from Virginia to Florida. Today, they teach youth to excel in sports and build trust in the adults and authority figures in their lives.


“It’s a multi-faceted program with more than one goal, but the overall mission is to rear truly exceptional individuals that grow up to become outstanding community members,” says Martin F. Garcia of Wauconda.


In the past, Martin F. Garcia has served the USSSA as a coach, manager, and mentor, exemplifying the USSSA’s commitment to honor and integrity. As a leader, he demonstrates and teaches mutual respect among his team and uses his own expertise as a softball champion to improve their athletic ability.


The USSSA calls on the help of qualified athletes like Martin F. Garcia of Wauconda

He’s played shortstop, second base, and third base positions, developing a wide knowledge of the game. In 2002, Martin F. Garcia played with Licorice Softball team and won in the South Bend, Indiana tournament. In 2004, he played with Maxim Softball in Marshalltown, IA, and won 2nd in Team All American in addition to playing with Miller 45’s and winning in Glendale, Arizona. In 2008, he played with Flashback and won in Crystal Lake, IL, and did so again in the following year.  


As a true athletic talent, he is able to impart athletic skill and know-how onto youth as well as instill habits of commitment and respect they can take into their adult lives.


“The real reason we’re here is to see these kids grow and to have a little fun playing sports. If they become better athletes or treat strangers more kindly in the end, then we’ve done our job,” says Martin F. Garcia.


In the future, the USSSA hopes to use members like Garcia to be “the most visibly recognized, technologically advanced, professionally represented sports organization in the world.”

The USSSA and Volunteers like Martin F. Garcia Paves the Way for Future Athletes Across the Country

The USSSA and Volunteers like Martin F. Garcia Paves the Way for Future Athletes Across the Country


Martin F. Garcia
Martin F. Garcia

The United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) is a program providing competitive sports to America’s youth, and they’ve operated in earnest as far back as the late 1960s. Originally established in Virginia, their headquarters recently relocated to Viera, FL, though the USSSA still creates opportunities for athletic growth across the country.


Martin F. Garcia, resident of Wauconda, IL, coaches baseball among other sports through the USSSA and exemplifies respect and good sportsmanship throughout their competitions.


“We’re here to teach kids that they can participate in group sports and build healthy relationships instead of isolating themselves or participating in negative activities,” Martin F. Garcia says.  


The USSSA is a top-notch provider of sports competitions that highlight young athletes, but the program is only as successful because of the efforts of its magnanimous volunteers. Adults serve as coaches, fans, sponsors, park owners and more, setting positive examples through a respectful community of sports enthusiasts. Kids come and play because they have fun participating in sports, but they leave with lasting experiences that ultimately help them become respectful citizens in their communities.


Martin F. Garcia helps youth achieve their greatest athletic potential while instilling the values of the USSSA program.

Far from headquarters in Florida, far from Wauconda where Martin F. Garcia coaches, the USSSA also sponsors programs as far as Maryland, such as the Eastern Nationals. The Softball Eastern Nationals tournament returned to Wicomico County, Maryland for the twelfth consecutive year this past summer, retaining its position as one of the biggest softball gatherings in the entire country.


Thousands and thousands of spectators flocked to Wicomico County while the actual players totaled over 5,000 themselves. Over 15 states sent in representatives, and a total of over 370 teams participated in the actual competition. Youth participating in the

get to experience competitive sports on a grand level in quality facilities. Arthur W. Perdue Stadium. Where the young athletes played most of their games during the Eastern Nationals, recently saw a $3 million renovation that included new scoreboards, new fields, press boxes, and concession stands.


The Eastern Nationals are a prime example of how the USSSA offers opportunities for young athletes to excel. Besides receiving coaching and earning the respect of their teammates, participants can compete for top team spots. In addition to individual awards like an outstanding pitcher and outstanding offensive and defensive players.


“The USSSA tries to give these kids as many opportunities to win as they can when they come to play. There are plenty of opportunities to have fun. However, the actual events and the journey shapes these young athletes to be respectful adults,” says Martin F. Garcia.


Sports programs like those offered through the USSSA helps kids keep up their fitness. In addition to building lasting relationships, and improve their athletic performance. And above all, it helps youth to trust in authority again and be respectful to their fellow community members.

Marty Garcia

The USSSA Spreads its Mission Across the Country through Volunteers Like Martin F. Garcia

USSSA coach Martin F. Garcia spreads the USSSA mission of being the most visibly recognized, technologically advanced, and professionally represented sports organization in the world to communities across the country.

In an effort to repair relationships between adults and youth, and to build lasting trust through a positive entertainment outlet, the USSSA today provides a nation-wide sports program to kids and teens. However, it’s only through the efforts of volunteers that the program can reach children across America through regular games and tournaments.
martin f garcia

The USSSA spreads its values and mission to bring communities together through sports far beyond its headquarters in Viera, FL where the majority of the program’s activities now take place. Originally established in Petersburg, VA, (relocating their main offices to FL in 2017) the USSSA have had a huge impact on the relationships between adults and youth since the program began in 1968.

“The USSSA gives people a place to come together and bond over their love of sports,” says Martin F. Garcia Wauconda IL resident. Through the program, young athletes are encouraged to better their talents and become

martin f garcia wauconda

better teammates––both on and off the court. During practices, and before and after games, volunteer coaches act like mentors who teach youth respect for one another and the authority figures in their lives.
Without the tireless efforts of volunteers, there wouldn’t be a USSSA program to engage youth and get adults involved in their extracurricular activities. “The program and the venues will still be there, but kids need their coaches and their team support to follow all the way through to game time,” Martin Garcia says.

The USSSA was created in the spring of 1968 to create a new and better youth sports program, and the founders consistently implemented developments to expand its offerings since the beginning. They created longer fences, smaller batter’s boxes, encouraged wider media coverage, and increased financial support over time. The progrmartin garcia waucondaam had a rocky start but stands stronger than ever today thanks to the dedication of volunteer coaches and team supporters.

In a time when there’s little trust between youth and the authority figures in their lives, the USSSA program helps develop talented athletes who become exceptional individuals, and who are encouraged to give back to the community.

Youth in the program interact and learn proper sportsmanship while building relationships with teammates that last a lifetime. Participants exercise often, which improves health and sets up positive habits and outlets for the future. When kids are taught teamwork and respect, they’re far more likely to make and retain friends (which can be integral to good mental health).

“This program helps keeps kids off the street and teaches them the proper way to interact with each other. This way, we can raise respectful citizens who will go on to make positive impacts in their communities,” says Martin F. Garcia Wauconda resident.

Martin F Garcia

Martin F. Garcia Exemplifies USSSA Values Through Regular Volunteering

Volunteers like Martin Garcia strengthen relationships between youth and adults in their community by contributing to the USSSA.

Without volunteers like Martin F. Garcia, the USSSA wouldn’t be able to reach as many kids and teenagers whose trust in their authority figures is limited. Through the program, volunteers work alongside the youth teaching them how to improve their sports performance, how to win––and lose––with respect, and how to trust and communicate with adults and others maturely.

The USSSA is centered around three staple values: commitment, honor, and integrity. Parents, coaches and the athletes they mentor interact and build on these values to instill in them well after the game has ended. Their vision is to develop athletes and strengthen youth relationships while creating healthy, competitive environments and servicing the local sports communities.

As an organization, the USSSA provides support and a platform for young athletes to showcase their talents and grow as individuals to eventually serve larger, positive roles in their communities.

Without sponsors like coaches, parents, and regular crowd fans, the youth involved in the USSSA wouldn’t receive the well-rounded experience that encourages true growth. “They’re like a family both out on the field and off it,” Martin F. Garcia says. “We get to show them community and respect all while having fun playing competitive sports.”

Garcia has sponsored teams in his own community, serving as manager for years in the Wauconda area on multiple baseball teams. He, along with the regular supporters and the team coaches, encourage stress and worry-free participation from the youth. Leaders urge their athletes to grow as individuals as well as in their talents, and treat them with respect and understanding throughout practices and games. In this way, the USSSA offers positive reinforcement, adult-interaction, and a safe outlet for entertainment.

“Every day is an opportunity to connect with these kids through the things they’re interested in, and I’m glad the USSSA is here to give us a place to do that.”

Martin F. Garcia teaches youth how to play baseball, and how to be a graceful player and a respectful teammate––both in sports and in life. Partnering with the USSSA, Garcia provides a platform for competitive sports that increases young athletes’ chances of succeeding in education, physical fitness, interaction with authority and beyond.

The nonprofit organization is headed out of Viera, FL, having relocated from its original home in Petersburg, VA in 2015. The USSSA has been active in the community since 1968, helping boost the potential for youth to excel athletically and at life in general. Originally promoting softball, the USSSA expanded its offerings in 1998 to make a place for many competitive sports.

Building community through team sports and positive engagement, Martin F. Garcia and other USSSA volunteers build lasting relationships with youth that they hope will echo into the latter’s future choices.