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Marty Garcia Wauconda

Marty Garcia of Wauconda and Other Volunteers Urge Communities to Sign Up for USSSA Involvement

The USSSA is a nonprofit organization that volunteer qualified leaders like Marty Garcia of Wauconda to coach teams and mentor youth in their neighborhoods. Signing up for USSSA involvement is easy and inexpensive, and volunteers like Marty Garcia encourage communities across the country to get involved so they can benefit from the program’s uplifting atmosphere. The United […]

Martin F Garcia

Marty Garcia of Wauconda Encourages USSSA Involvement to Improve Youth Depression

USSSA volunteer coach Marty Garcia of Wauconda believes that youth depression, which is a growing international concern, can be curbed through healthy sports involvement. He encourages adults to volunteer and get youth involved in programs like the USSSA as a healthy outlet that instills lasting positive values. According to a recent study, there are over two million […]

Martin F Garcia

USSSA Sports Programs Run Off Volunteer Support with Help from Qualified Professionals Like Martin F. Garcia

The United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) has helped youth improve their athletic ability and strengthen communities since the program first began in the 1960s. Dedicated volunteers like Martin F. Garcia serve as coaches, mentors, supporters and more and create a wholesome, supportive environment for youth. Martin F. Garcia has taken on the role of sports manager in […]